Tussentijds sterven / Forms of dying

Inktjet print analog image, hahnemulle Museum Etching papier.

+/- 95cm – 75cm. Limited Edition of 5. € 2000,00

Option small printsize +/- 29,7cm,  37,5cm € 250,00

yet to be printed limited edition of 10.

possibility of Analog print , variable sizes negotiable

Expressions of transformation. Before rising up after giving birth to a baby all forms that used to be have to die in a way. Woman becomes mother, somehow the place in society changes. The bodily structures change and there is an intense transformative period where the whole organism rearranges itself to deal with the new task of motherhood, breastfeeding, new alert systems are formed in the senses, etcetera. The start of this artwork sprang to mind as an ode to this period of passing and new beginning. Honoring the ways of always becoming. This work is an ode to Ana Mendieta’s silueta series.


Concept, performer Ank Daamen

Photography Violaine Chapallaz

Photoshoot assistant Rini Brakkee